Friday, August 9, 2013

Made Me Monday....

Last week, I attended my orientation for Leadership Charlotte Class 35.  Leadership Charlotte is a 10-month program that develops leaders for the Charlotte community (duh).  Over the next ten months, we will not only learn about our community,  we will be exploring about who we are as leaders and taking a real look at our past, present and future selves.  My 49 classmates and I have been challenged to come to each session ready to take an honest look at who we are, who were were, and what we would like to become.  Together, we will grow as leaders, people, and friends.  I am so very excited about this opportunity.  I participated in a similar program through the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce.  It was such a life changing experience that one of the first things I did when I moved to Charlotte was to into a program here.  I was extremely honored to be selected for one of the at-large spots when I applied for the first time this year.  After our orientation and having a few hours to get to know some of my classmates, I am EXTREMELY excite about what this year will hold for me.  

One of the things that we will be doing is sharing the events in our lives that have made up who we are today.  It was interesting to me yesterday in my small group, that I seemed to get more question than some of the other participants about how I ended-up as a minister and not only a minister, but an interim minister and consultant.  Each time I was asked on of the variations of, "How did you decide to become a minister?"  I could only answer that there is just not an easy way to answer that question.  Once upon a time, I would tell the story of when I was 14 and first felt God wanted me to be a minister, that I said I would not do it and how my heart was eventually changed.  Yet, the longer I do this and the more I become specialized as a consultant and interim, I become firmer in the understanding that it is not any one story that can be told to explain how I have gotten to this vocation.  

In addition, anyone who knows me, knows that there is no better way to make me angry than to put me into the box of minister.   While minister is part of my vocation, it is just one part of what I do -- personally and professional (I just signed-on to help a friend of mine run the campus rep program for his family clothing business).  For me, if you really want to understand my vocations, you must understand and know the many pieces that make-up this girl.   

So, I have decided to take a bit of what I will be doing in Leadership Charlotte and apply it to my blog each Monday by starting Make Me Monday.  Each Monday, I will share a story from yesterday, 10 years ago, or many moons ago -- stories from my past that have made me who I am today.  I hope you will enjoy reading all the crazies pieces of my life that have made who I am today.  

Have a Great Week!

The Holy Blonde

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