Friday, July 12, 2013

Kayce Hughes -- Friday's Favorites

For my first Friday's Favorite one of my new favorite designers, Kayce Hugh

Right out of college, Kayce worked in the Women's Design Department for Ralph Lauren for six years until the birth of her first child.  After a few more children, she began making nightshirts for her daughters out of vintage fabrics.  Eventually she started having dressed and shorts made as well, which turned into her label of Pears and Bears.  Now she has a full line of children's apparel, women's clothing, accessories, and gifts.  She just launched her new line of paper a few weeks ago.  You can read more about here and see the articles from Country Living and Child's Manazine by visiting her About Us Page

I discovered Kayce this past fall and fell in love with her classic styles and fun fabrics.  There has not been one time that I have been out in one of her dresses that a stranger has not stopped me to compliment me or ask where I got my dress.  

My favorite dress from the fall collection.  It quickly became my go-to dress for business meetings and dinner with friends. 

My holiday party dress for 2012 and I'm pretty sure it will make some appearances in 2013 as well. 
A good mix of the fall collection that began my love of Kacey Hughes

Some of my favorites from her spring summer collections include:

The classic shirt dress is always great for work or play.  I love the fun green print and light weight material. 

A little more casual, but twice as fun is as the classic shirt dress, the Willa Ruffle Dress.

The Vintage Shirt Dress will get you stopped every time.  I have two from this past fall and just added this one to my collection.

As who loves to write letters (I write at least two every week, my goal is to one day write a letter every day), I am so excited for Kayce's new paper collection. 

New Note Cards released this week.

These will be coming to my mailbox soon!

I love these new mini cards as well.  I always keep mini cards in my purse to be able to write notes to attached to contact information when meeting new friends. 

I hope you will check out Kayce Hughes' site to explore all her lines.  Her children's clothing, accessories, and home goods will not disappoint.  

Have a great weekend!

The Holy Blonde 

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